Released in December 2014, we released this single called 'Brand New Man' as a youtube-only, free for all single.  As we are focussing on released our first full length CD in 2015 we thought it would be nice to release this single before the end of the year.
Released in November 2016, debut album 'Another Man' consists of 11 songs of which 10 originals and one cover (Just One More Time, Ike Turner). This release received many positive reviews, and was generally rewarded with 4 (out of 5) stars by most magazines.
The album was featured on VPRO 3voor12 luisterpaal, played on many radio stations including NPO Soul & Jazz Co Live and has reached Top 3 position in UK's Independent Blues Broadcasters Association January 2017 list of most played albums on UK radio stations.

Some quotes from reviews:
“The productions sounds fantastic and the band swings like no other. Only the best of the best musicians can swing like this, that’s why we give these new kids on the block a big fat four stars!” - Lust for Life
"An incredibly pleasant listening experience." – Jazzism
“Debut album ‘Another Man’ reminds us of 60’s Stax recordings.” – Gitarist
“He’s got a nice voice and plays guitar excellently. Little Steve & the Big Beat show us how to mix R’n’B with rock ‘n roll!” – Music Maker

Released in May 2013, our first EP consists of 3 originals (Working Overtime, Hard Times, Count On You) and 2 covers (Feel So Bad, Slip Away).
"Steven van der Nat and his buddies already knock me out during the first notes of 'Feel So Bad'. This band is unbelievably good! Finally here's someone who uses his natural voice the way it is. This EP tastes like a lot more. A full-cd a.s.a.p., and this band on all the Belgian stages please..." Back To The Roots
"Now we will have to wait for a full album. If that will be on the level of this EP then it will be a gem. This EP tastes like more, much more." -
"Together with his bandmembers frontman Steven van der Nat, who is also an excellent guitarist, delivers a pleasant and surprising album. (...) The closing song Count On You made us most enthusiastic, the grooving rhythmsection with Bird Stevens on bass and Guido Willemsen on drums create a solid base for the impressive guitar playing of Steve. This EP is right on the money for a first release, now we'll wait for a full album." -
"..and we have to say: this EP turned out to be a pleasant surprise." "This EP definitely measures up to the good reviews of their live gigs" - 
Bluesbreeker CD of the Month ~ October 2013