A reply to favourite gigs and review of The Village Goes Crazy

August 27, 2017

It’s been a while since I wrote an update. This is such a shame really as we have had some great gigs over here in our little part of Europe.

Favourite Gigs Questions
Multiple people came up to me this week and asked me what our favourite gigs have been this year so far. This is like asking me what my favourite song is! It’s impossible to answer! I have to say though we are blessed with some great gigs we did this year so far, Seven Night To Blues and Nuit Du Blues, both in beautiful France, come to mind. What a fantastic time we had on those festivals with an appreciative crowd. On the way to Ambon we stopped at Le Soubock, a small club in France ran by music enthusiasts, who gave us such a warm welcome. Nordhorn, Germany in February comes to mind where on a Wednesday evening people come out to chill and listen to music. A great crowd at the Bluezy festival in Ridderkerk electrified us so much that the electricity cut out half-way the set! I guess the bottom line of this story is that there is no favourite. Each one is a unique experience in itself and we’re happy we can do this!

Bredene – The Village Goes Crazy
A couple weeks ago we played in Belgium in the city of Bredene. Although it seemed that rain was going to spoil our gig, the rain magically disappeared when we started playing and we had one hell of a good time! Back To The Roots magazine called us “Netherlands’ best bluesband” in their review, and:
“Highlights were (…) the perfectly timed stuttering vocals in ‘Another Man’, title track of Steve’s first full album. What a captivating slow-blues song, how much emotion it portraits in the hunger to a lost love, who does this better? Tell us! Not to speak of the horn section, man man man! If this isn’t blues of the purest kind, then what is..?”

Full review over here: http://www.backtotheroots.be/confessite/2017/Village_Bredene/Villagereport.htm


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