Looking back at last weekend…

November 17, 2014

lbalwTo those of you who weren’t at one of last weekends’ gigs: you missed some good parties! The Bluesther festival was great for a full JJ’s Music House, we had loads of fun together with Fat Harry & the Fuzzy Licks and Laurence Jones. The crowd was full of familiar faces (you know who you are!).

The next day we travelled east, to Rheinberg, Germany to play the Rheinberger Blues Party 2014. We fully enjoyed playing for this receptive audience in a great venue. We didn’t feel like stopping!

Some great reviews were written over the weekend:

Zoetermeer Nieuws wrote:
“Steve puts his heart and soul into that song. I heard Steve’s guitar tell his story, I heard him scream and cry. The audience went completely silent. Next to that Steve also has a great and recognisable voice. Another part of the band that is important to their full sound are the 2 saxophone players. Especially in combination with Steve’s guitar playing these guys create a sound that almost put you to tears. It gives you goosebumps. Together with the bass player and drummer this band left a big impression.”

Bluesmagazine wrote:
“It’s nice to see (two saxophones on stage), but also nice to hear these two guys do some of their sax battles, which we don’t see often on stage. (..) Steve’s guitar playing is so soft and intense, it gives you shivers all over your body.”

RP Online wrote:
On the big stage Little Steve & the Big Beat played first. The Dutch offered blues with soul influences at it’s finest. Guitarist Steven van der Nat proved with his virtuoso guitar riffs why in the scene he’s known as “Little Big Steve”.” 

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