New drummer for the Big Beat

September 10, 2014

Guido Willemsen

We’re still a bit shocked to announce that Guido informed us he has decided to quit the band. Guido, who’s already a busy man next to the Big Beat, decided he’d like to dedicate more time to McDee Guitar Strings. McDee.Eu is a joint venture between Steve and Guido, where they sell high quality guitar strings at affordable prices.

Guido: “It was a pleasure to play with such fine musicians and moreover great persons in the last few years. Little Steve and the Big Beat has become one of the leading blues bands in The Netherlands and I am sure that they will achieve recognition of the international blues scene soon. I would like to thank Steve, Bert, Martijn and Evert for the great time that we had, and as one of my inspirators used to say: keep the blues alive!

Jody van Ooijen

We also thank Guido for an amazing time and for being the amazing person that he is. His farewell gig will be at the Kingsnakes Festival on October 4. Please come and show him your support!

It’s not easy to find a replacement for a drummer the level of Guido. Fortunately we were incredibly lucky to find another great drummer within no-time; Jody van Ooijen. Jody was usually the first one we called whenever Guido could not make it to do a gig and we’re happy to announce that he will be joining our band on gigs from November onwards. Together with Jody we’re going to hit the rehearsal space to start writing new material for our first full length CD which should be released early next year.

Jody has an amazing C.V. as he has played with popular bands such as The Strikes, Dede Priest and Qeaux Qeaux Joans, is currently playing with Richard van Bergen’s Rootbag, and has toured internationally with artists such as: Duke Robillard, Alex Schultz, Monster Mike Welch, Mitch Kashmar, Guitar Ray, Hook Herrera, Scott McKeon, Memo Gonzalez, Enrico Crivellaro, James Harman, Gene Taylor, Oscar Benton, Sugaray Rayford, Kirk Fletcher, Debby Lee, Matt Schofield, Brian Templeton, and many, many more.

He also recently started his own music school, check it out at:

Curious to hear what we sound like with Jody on drums? This summer we already did some gigs together, here are some videos:

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