Whole lotta Water

July 29, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website, so I decided that last weekend’s gig at the Brielle Blues Festival to be the perfect opportunity to write something here on the blog again. As far as I know in Holland there are only two true blues festival stages on the water (correct me if I’m wrong!), namely in Brielle and in Giethoorn, and now I can say I played both. 

Years ago in my days with The Backbones we had played the water stage in Giethoorn. We backed up Jimmy ‘the preacher’ Ellis. Jimmy was a very kind man in his 70s, who was flown in to Holland for this gig specifically. We had no idea what was going to happen, and neither had Jimmy. We opened the show with 3 songs.. and after every song Jimmy told us: ‘Play one more!”. So we did. After 5 or 6 songs we thought it really was time for him to get up, and so he did And then he gave it all singing some classic Muddy Waters tunes, and the party started.

Forward 8 years later and we’re playing the Brielle Festival last weekend on the water stage. Thank god they had some kind of fence at the front of the stage because with the way I’m jumping around on the stage I’m always afraid to fall off. Jimmy passed my mind, wondering what he’s up to now, probably still preachin’ the blues.

We had a great time in Brielle. It takes some getting used to having the audience on the other side of the canal instead of right in front of the stage but seeing people really digging it quickly gave us the confidence to keep going and preaching our blues!

Next month we will be playing 3 festivals, the Nix Blues Night in Enschede, the Giethoorn Blues Festival and TexFree Festival in Venlo. Come check us out! We’re looking forward..and ready to party!

Check out these pictures of Brielle shot by Giel Scholtes:

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